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Tuesday, October 4

being real

i hate artificial relationships. i learned this a few summers ago when i worked at a bank. everybody says the same things. you aren't yourself, rather you're the person that everyone conforms himself to because it is what is socially accepted. that guy sucks. he's lame, and no one likes him. that's why people pretend not to see people they know sometimes; it's because they're avoiding talking to him.

when i worked at the bank, i talked to this one lady about classic rock. it was cool. we broke past the surface relationship when i found out that she hated boston (i think?) but loved most classic rock. it was so refreshing when i couldn't predict what she'd say. they're were other "real" people, but they were pretty rare.

i think most people in such a situation may only reveal themselves when they feel that there is no threat, no danger of not being the guy of whom i spoke earlier. i call for all to just be themselves, especially around their equals or subordinates. it will make life bearable.

i experienced a similar thing tonight while working on math homework with a classmate. ask stupid questions. don't pretend to know stuff you don't. be real.


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