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Wednesday, September 14

random comments

"random" is probably not the most appropriate word. alas, my vocabulary is limited.

i'm reading lesslie newbigin's the gospel in a pluralist society (not while i'm typing; that would be really difficult, nigh impossible). it's really good. it's kind of... well, it leaves me feeling like "you guys [people who are around, whom i encounter daily] just don't get it, that is if you don't believe the good news of Jesus Christ, and maybe even if you do." he attacks the premises of religious conservatism and liberalism (particularly that of contemporary Christians). i find relief in this. it's not an argument of left versus right. both sides miss the point. he says, "there are on the one hand those who seek to identify God's revelation as a series of objectively true propositions, propositions which are simply to be accepted by those who wish to be Christians. and on the other hand there are those who see the essence of Christianity in an inward spiritual experience, personal to each believer, and who see the Christian doctrines as formulated during church history as symbolic representations of these essentilally inward and private experiences." i haven't completely grasped where the two should meet, but i see and lament flaws in each mindset, which newbigin claims, and i think justifiably so, are "tearing the Church apart."

i tell myself that once i get it all figured out that i'll really start changing others' lives. i think that's an excuse. i think it's a lie. i mean, sure, i may be more helpful to a seeker/wanderer if i know more of the answers, but i'm sure that God wants me to be used now. that's a part of growing as a Christian, a part of this journey that's just as important as learning. in any event, i long to develop a greater understanding of our responsibility as the Church. i want to have the answers. more answers, i suppose. i'll never have them all.


At 11:22 PM, Blogger serenitynow said...

i like considering myself "on the right"

"on the left" means so many different things to me that i don't like

i don't like when people on the right get labeled as only thinking with their heads, like they assume that if you just hold to certain theological statements you know God ever so intimately, i could get stirred up about this

i like 1 tim 4;16
no more likes and dislikes, tho you might be able to come up with your own

i think labels can make people think certain untrue things about people, i don't wanna be misunderstood or pigeonholed because i say i'm on the right (or in the right, hehe)

i am wary of letting my thinking deeply about REAL Christianity and fakeness and such make me feel certain ways about myself (in a prideful sort of way),

i don't wanna be a fake humble, or think i'm really unique or something

i want to be stable

i sometimes think i like the idea of people sticking to certain stances with me because i feel like the church should be united on such, there we go

i like free thinking and thinking freely, but i don't like people taking shots at what they think i think and thinking they're beyond me or superior b/c they think outside the box and challenge my stubbornly unthought out positions

i think i have some selfish motives, but not completely

so, speaking of therapeutic, i think we'll end up getting more out of our own typing than out of each others, maybe that's just because i don't interpret your thoughts that well or because i can't articulate mine too well, anyways


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