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Sunday, September 11

just thinking

so, a blog is therapeutic. i read my first two posts, and i can already appreciate what God's shown me over the past couple of days. thanks.

friends are great. i had such a good time with my friends at church tonight. i've been thinking a lot lately, wondering what they get out of a lesson. i feel like i'm expressing truths to them that until relatively recently were unknown to me. what did i learn about when i was their age? am i not teaching them stuff because i assume they already know it? i suppose since i'm going to have about a two year window in their lives (one of which is already gone; one of the years, not a window or a life), then my main priority is to get them firmly rooted in the word, in the promise. looking back, i think i've stressed to them that Christianity isn't lame, which is the impression that has been created in the minds of so many of this generation. i'm trying to disentangle the true Gospel from the many fetters which man has added to it.

sometimes i wonder how my relationship with God would be different had i not accepted the ministry. sometimes i wonder if i am going to immediately get involved in a ministry when i move away. i wonder now.


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