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Friday, October 28

what's a [Christian] boy to do?

i got on the bus today. there was a fellow passenger who appeared to be down on his luck, to apply a trite euphemism. i'll say it: he looked and smelled homeless. my first reaction was, "i wonder why he's on a campus bus." he certainly would be out of place at any duke bus stop. anyway, my second reaction was, "do i help this guy? how do i go about it? what do i offer him? will i offend him?" anyway, i pondered this and, of course, did not act. i had myself convinced that i would have helped him had he asked. i would have given him the four dollars on my person if he wanted money. i thought about offering him the opportunity to take a shower at my apartment, some clothes and some food. but i didn't. i thought that it'd be a great opportunity to share love and, incidentally, to lend creedence to my claim of being a compassionate conservative. but i left him alone. maybe that's the way he wanted it. maybe not.


At 5:55 PM, Blogger serenitynow said...

i don't think it would have hurt to ask, i think it would have been a good thing, i'm not saying you are bad or i would have necessarily done that, and i think if someone looks homeless, they can't get offended if someone assumes they are, especially if that person is offering to help

i had a somewhat similar situation go on yesterday, i'll abbreviate it and hit the highlights, a dude was sitting on the side of the street, after i got outta my car he asked if i could give him some gas/gas money so he could get home to currituck, he insisted on showing me his i.d., from the whole time i said i'd get him gas no problem, he could have said no more, i didn't want repayment or a good excuse, tho he tried offering both, i "lent" him 5 bucks in addition to filling up a jug of gas for him, he insisted he'll pay me back tho he left w/o getting my info, we'll see, doesn't matter, not why i did it, he talked about how he was baptist and backslidden, he was open and honest, i don't know, i always wonder how to handle the whole situation, what else to say, what to do/give, i dunno, just something to think about


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