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Saturday, August 12

four and a half months later

i'll keep this short. [who cares?]

i'm moving to tennessee on monday. i'll start taking classes at emmanuel school of religion at the end of this month. my wife and i are jobless as of monday.

i kept this short. [i thought i'd be obvious and redundant.]


At 6:13 AM, Blogger Phil said...

Hey man, I didn't know you were "Ezekiel" on my blog. I probably would have responded a little less harshly to your comment on Sons of Light v Sons of Darkness. Anyway, I'm very happy that you've chosen ERS. Say hi to John Wasem for me. I think he's somebody you should really get to know (and he's a really nice guy). I'll respond to your latest comment on Bonhoeffer sometime in the next day or two. Hope things are going well.

At 6:14 AM, Blogger Phil said...

oops, miss-abbreviated ESR.


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