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Monday, November 14

of this i'm sure

i have lots of doubts, or rather, lots of questions. i long for certainty, to close up all those holes in the framework of my perspective. i suppose clarity may come with age and under the title wisdom, but for now there are many holes. but i do prefer to look at a picture with holes than for my culture to fill them in for me.

but, of this i am sure: love is not a crime. Jesus Christ, in laying down His life and in resurrection, showed us the power of love and demonstrated its power over those of this world. truly, He now rules in the midst of His enemies. i wish to convince others of this not-so-obvious truth while it is still a secret, so that they may accept it and rejoice in the freedom thus offered. i do not know the extent to which salvation is exclusive, but i know that it is only through Jesus Christ.

bennett, miller, and their detractors

ok, so nobody cares about this anymore, including myself. i will, however, provide a brief summation for the sake of closure.

the villification of bennett was unfounded. while the comments he made were racially insensitive (perceived as such, while not intended to be), he did nothing to justify the hate-filled charges thrown at him. he was slain on the altar of p.c. with all the real racists out there, i think this outrage was clearly aimed at conservative talk radio. and, as a bonus, bennett served under reagan.

something else that i thought was strange was the protest that accompanied the posting of flyers. it seemed mainly to be leveled against self-segregation. what does that have to do with bennett's comments? (especially since this protest was intended as a matter of self-reflection, in addition to the public aspect?)

ok, enough polemics. i'll try to leave this stuff for popular, political bloggers.